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your hair in the Winter

During the winter months we tend to use heated appliances more. Too much heat on the hair can cause further moisture loss, so by adding a little extra effort into your blow dry, this will cut down the amount of times you will apply heat to your hair.  Here are some tips to let your hair shine in the harsh winter weather...


During the winter months, we often find that our scalps become more brittle, itchy and flaky. To combat this use a good quality Argan oil to add nutrients and then blow dry the hair on a medium heat.  If you find that your hair is extremely flaky, we would recommend that you buy a medicated shampoo containing salicylic acid. After putting in the shampoo, stimulate the scalp by massaging lightly with a brush. This will increase blood circulation and help to keep a flaky scalp at bay.  We can test your hair, if you are local - to get your hairs strengths & match you with the proper shampoo for you.  Call 423.886.6836 (NUDO) - or contact us, for your free  consultation today!



1. Regular trims are essential. The most effective way to keep your hair healthy is to get rid of those dry ends.


2.5. If you do use heated appliances frequently, the best way to keep your hair in the best shape is to use a good quality heat protect spray.



3.Include a hair mask into your weekly hair care routine. Leave it in overnight if you can and always remember to towel dry your hair first to rid of any excess water.


4. Wrap up from head to toe. Invest in a warm pair of gloves to protect your hands and prevent the skin on them from becoming dry and flaky. Waterproof ones are recommended if you are going out in the snow as they don't soak your hands when you touch the snow. Don't forget to wear a hat as they help protect your hair from drying out and they keep your head nice and warm. Too much exposure to cold, harsh weather can leave hair brittle and dry making it more susceptible to damage. As well as this, wear a scarf when possible to protect the skin on your neck and chest.


Hair goes dry, weak and brittle during winter, but if you give it the right treatment you'll avoid it becoming a big issue. Look for shampoos and conditioners which aim to protect and heal your hair, making sure it's slightly more moisturizing than what you use normally, but still good for your hair type.


If your local on Signal Mtn., in Chattanooga or in the vicinity give us a call and we'll help set your hair up with a perfect plan.  Set up your... NU doo by NUDO today!!






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