With the summer party and barbecue season hitting the social scenery, now is the time to start prepping your hair so that it is healthy, shiny and radiant. Sensational summer hair is not just about having bounce and body, it's also about healthy hair growth and protecting your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


I have seen it time and time again - pre-summer shiney, flowing, full of life hair... POST summer..? Brittle, unable to maintain shape, and thinning hair!  Much like we must protect our skin from UV in the summer... hair needs protection as well.  The following tips should keep your hair in great shape for the summer... you can also call with questions or for a free consultation where we can test your hairs strength... call us @ 423.886.6836... or contact us through the site...

We all love the sun, sand and sea but the truth is summer can have a nasty effect on our precious locks. Here are five easy hair tips and simple-to-use hair products that will keep your hair shiny and healthy - without too much hassle.


Summer hair tip 1: Be sun smart

UV rays are bad news for our hair, as well as our skin.  Too much sun can leave hair dry, brittle and faded.  For complete protection from the summer sun, try Apivita’s sunscreen spray for hair. Fortified with cotton and sunflower extracts, this hair product can also be used as a leave-in conditioner for dry hair.


Top summer hair hint:

The best sun protection for your hair can be summed up using three little letters: H.A.T!  Don’t leave home without one!


Summer hair tip 2: Invest in a good shampoo:

It's true that not all shampoos are created equal. John Masters Organics uses wild-harvested ingredients to create a hair care line that is both luxurious and earth-friendly. All of their hair products are created in line with USDA certified organic food standards, and are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic substances - so you can care for your hair, as well as the environment.


Top summer hair hint:

To retain your hair's natural moisture avoid using a hair dryer. In the warm summer months pop the hair dryer away in the cupboard and air-dry your hair as much as possible.


Summer hair tip 3: Get styling

With the right styling products you can create a hairstyle that will have everyone talking. Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme is neither a mousse nor a gel, but this multipurpose hair product acts like both. It's super easy to use, and lifts and defines both straight and curly hair plus can be used either wet or dry. For the icing on the cake, finish off your 'do' with Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray - it will enhance your hair colour and leave your whole head shimmering.


Top summer hair hint:

Don’t suffocate your hair by using styling products every day – allocate at least one day a week to leave your hair 'au naturale'.


Summer hair tip 4: Protect your color:

If your hair is colour-treated, the last thing you want to do is spend too much time in the sun. And forget the swimming pool - chlorine will strip the colour from your hair shaft in the blink of an eye. However, there are hair care products that will let you swim with coloured locks.  Rene Furterer’s Okara Restructuring and Protective Radiance Mask is a must-have tool that will protect your colour while nourishing your hair - and means you don't have to sacrifice pool time.


Top summer hair hint:

Remember, the less you wash your hair the longer your colour will last. There's nothing wrong with skipping the shampoo every now and then, and going straight for the colour-protect conditioner, especially after a day at the beach!


Summer hair tip 5: Brush it

Brushing your hair regularly will not only keep it free from knots, but it will stimulate circulation in the scalp which encourages blood flow to the roots of your hair. The golden rule of brushing says: The longer your hair, the bigger your brush should be. Mason Pearson make a range of beautiful brushes that your hair will love. Whilst they may seem rather expensive, these long-lasting quality hair brushes are an investment in your future.


Top summer hair hint:

Never underestimate the power of a good trim. Experts recommend getting rid of your split-ends every six to eight weeks for maximum hair health (and to help it grow faster).

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